Small green and yellow skinned humanoids with pointy ears and sharp teeth, they stand at about four feet tall, and live to be around 150.

Goblins are easily recognisable by their colouring and distinct features. Furthermore, they are well known for wearing only sparse clothing such as loincloths. This is due to their lower tolerance for heat compared to other creatures, as such they often live and work in large sheltered conclaves, or within underground caverns beneath the city.

They are a communal people, living in large groups with relatively little privacy.

Societally, like most races, they have carved out various niches for themselves. Goblins are often brewers, farmers in the magically maintained underground farming caves, and couriers, using their innate sense of direction to quickly traverse their cities via the underground networks.

Their access to and knowledge of these tunnels also makes them a favourite friend of thieves, though relatively few Goblins are thieves themselves, as their culture puts little meaning on material goods. A Goblin is more likely to trade for favours than for money, outside of what they need to earn to support themselves and their tribe.


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