The Goddess of the Dead


Sister of Axana, and lover of Tylo.

When her lover Tylo was struck down in jealousy by Vulo, she becamed wracked with grief and anger. When her sister was unable to save Tylo, she lashed out at her, accusing her of jealousy, and physically scarring her.

She fled into solitude, where she discovered she was pregnant. The hope this gave her turned to despair when the child was stillborn.

Falling into madness at this final blow to her psyche, she used her powers to pull her child’s departing soul back from its journey to the afterlife, forcing it into the husk of her dead child. This created Tyloson; the first undead, named for his father.

Her mind warped by these events, she dotes on her son, and uses her powers to provide him with the souls he needs to fuel his undead army.

The people fear and loathe her, and she is known as The Mother of The Enemy, The Soultaker, and The Womb of Evil


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