This is the story of the world of Kinthal.

In the long ago times of the world, before the endless war, there were five gods: two sisters – Axana and Istris, and three male gods – Vulo, Tylo and Kabus. Istris was in love with Tylo, but Vulo got jealous and struck him down.

Now, until this point, for both the gods and the races of the world, death did not exist. Pain and injury happened, but death never came, the world kept growing to encompass the population, for the combined power of the gods made the world malleable, and they adjusted it as they saw fit.

However, this attack led to the death of Tylo, and the creation of death both as a concept and an event. Axana tried to save him but failed, leading to her sister Istris accused her of letting him die out of jealousy and lashing out, scarring her. The bereaved sister then fled, to grieve in solitude.
Axana and Kabus confronted the attacker, and with heavy hearts they took his powers from him as the price for his crimes. Powerless, he tried to attack them, in a rage over being drained of his godhood, however the effort of trying to do so killed him.

So this left the grieving Istris in solitude, the scarred Axana, and Kabus. With two gods gone, the powers that had previously held the world together after all their changes to it was no longer adequate, and the world began to unravel. This left Kabus with little choice but to descend into the center of the world to use his powers to hold it together now that it was unbalanced. He is said to remain there to this day, forever stopping the world from pulling apart.

Istris found hope again upon realising that she was pregnant, but continued in solitude, until giving birth. However, her hope was shattered when the baby was stillborn. In her grief and rage she pulled its soul from the afterlife into the body, creating the first Undead. She named him Tyloson in honour of his father.

This child grew, and as the child of two gods, was himself a god. However the strange manner of his birth had twisted him, and grief had all but shattered the mother’s mind. He now wages war on the people of the world, and his mother feeds the creation of his army by pulling the souls from the dead for him to create his undead.

This war has raged for millennia now. The people have retreated into walled city states. Every death is treated as a tragedy, as it bolsters the undead army while taking one of their own. At best this war seems only to be an endless stalemate. Outside of the Great Cities, undead roam the land. The more powerful undead have intelligence and tactical skill, and strikes are made against cities.

The people worship Axana, Kabus is certainly respected, but due to his struggle to hold together the world, he cannot spare energy to answer prayers and provide divine power to followers as Axana can.

Istris and Tyloson are shunned, they are the enemy, and even the names are enough to raise fear and contempt in people.

The campaign begins in the year 7113, in the Great City of Ixan

The Army Beyond Death

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